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A Flower for My Love by xX-Mr-No-Name-Xx
A Flower for My Love
He's Guido Anchovy. This cat gets down down with a love hang over.

Seriously though. I thought Guido (from Samurai Pizza Cats) could use some love. He always seems to get the short end of the stick. Poor guy.

Just a drawing for fun and trying some different styles. Hope you like it!
Our Bonds Are Strong! by xX-Mr-No-Name-Xx
Our Bonds Are Strong!
I've been working on this for the last 3 or so weeks. This will be the last art piece of Nintendo's Fire Emblem: Awakening I'll be working on for a while. This time, it's Lucina, Robin, and Morgan, rather than just one or two of them. I wanted to practice some more painting techniques for this one, as opposed to the cel shading I've been doing lately. I wanted to paint my 3 best units in the game thus far. Even though Morgan is technically my strongest unit, I wanted to portray her as somewhat nervous or anxious: a novice, if you will. I enjoyed making this piece, and it was definitely a difficult task balancing all of the values and characters and such. I think it was worth it though. Enjoy!
Robin by xX-Mr-No-Name-Xx
This is a project I've been working on for the last few days here and there. I've probably put more hours into Fire Emblem: Awakening than any other handheld game I've ever played. Plus, he's my favorite character to use in Super Smash Bros for Wii U. It was fun to work on this piece. It's nothing serious nor ground breaking, but it was enjoyable none-the-less.…

Edit: I changed a couple things with the color and contrast to improve the value of the image. Nothing too major though.
Bounded Spirits by xX-Mr-No-Name-Xx
Bounded Spirits
A contemporary painting I made for my painting class last semester. After I made the image in photoshop, I transferred it onto several pieces of saran-wrap. I used sharpies, a white sheet of paper, and a projector to do that. I then hung the saran-wrap on a window in my university's art department. It's pretty surreal to see in real life.
I've decided to make a Tumblr account to help reach more people with my art. I'm not sure how effective it'll be, but it's worth the shot, and it's a good first step to branching out in other areas too. Of course, I'll still be posting here as well. The Tumblr account in question is located here: Take a look if you want
Yes, so, college classes start tomorrow, and I will most definitely be a bit busy from now until the end of the first semester. This means that there probably won't be much new art for a while, as sad as that is for me to say. I just thought I'd let you all know that... for those who may be interested (if at all).


xX-Mr-No-Name-Xx's Profile Picture
C. "Kit" D.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello there! You may call me Mr. No Name, No Name, Kitling, Kit, or even just 'hey you' if you like.

Currently, I'm studying at a university to become a graphic designer (art major with a graphic design emphasis). My skill set seems to best work with art, hence why I chose it. I have been drawing and painting for roughly 8 years now, but I am fairly young and have much to learn. I also dwell a little bit in photography, print making, and sculpture, but I'm no expert in those areas.

One thing I like to convey in my art is some form of integrity. That is to say that I try to make the art either say something specific, tell a story, and/or leave it purposefully vague for the viewer to decide what it means. I still do fun pieces though. So not everything is super serious, and sometimes I just need the practice or to let loose. On this page though, you'll find mostly fan-art. I do have several pieces conceived entirely of my own thoughts, but fan-art, as of this moment, is more dominant here.

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